Can Cau Market Tour

Although Can Cau is not a big market in the area but it is very beautiful, animated and colorful. The
market  is  open  only  on  Saturday.  You  will meet  there  several  ethnic  minorities  such  as  Flower
Hmong, Black Zao, Phu La as well as Chinese people. Another highlight is the boat trip along Chay
River and a short walk to a Tay village.


You will  be met  by Lotussia Travel  local  guide  and  driver  upon  your  arrival  at  Lao  Cai  station  then
transferred  to a  local  restaurant  for breakfast  (optional). Then  start our drive  to Can Cau market.
The road is relatively flat from Lao Cai to Bao Nhai bridge. After crossing the bridge, we begin our
journey uphill offering beautiful views over  the valleys. Situated 20 km  from Bac Ha, Can Cau  is a
small,  but  very  colorful market. Opening  only  on  Saturdays,  it  always  delivers  a  very  photogenic
display  of  Flower Hmong, Black Zao,  Phu  La  ethnic  costumes. After  spending  the whole morning
exploring the market, you will leave the market for Bac Ha town for lunch.
In  the afternoon, we drive downhill  towards Lao Cai  for about half an hour. We  stop on  the way
(before  reaching  Lao Cai)  to  take  a  short walk  to Trung Do  village  inhabited by Tay  people. Tay
villages  are  always  set  up  at  the  foot  of  a mountain  or  along  a  stream  and  are  named  after  a
mountain, a field, or a river. Each village contains about 15-20 households. A large village is divided
into many small hamlets. The houses are built on stilts or level with the ground. Stop by a traditional
Tay house for a cup of tea before taking a boat cruise upstream the Chay River. The scenery is very
beautiful on  both  sides  of  the  river. The  boat  trip will  end  at  Coc  Ly where  your  vehicle will  be
waiting for you for the journey back to Lao Cai. End of tour.


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