Sapa hiking tours: Trek Y Linh Ho Seo Mi Ty Den Thang Ta Trung Ho Nam Ngan Nam Sang Ban Sai My Son Nam Toong Thanh Phu (4 days)

The 4-day trekking tour is arranged in Sapa area, taking you to such villages as Y Linh Ho village, Seo Mi Ty village, Den Thang village, Ta Trung Ho village, Nam Ngan village, Nam Sang village, Ban Sai village, My Son village, Nam Toong village,Thanh Phu village. You trek along hillside, through local ethnic villages and terraced rice fields to enjoy spectacular landscapes of the Hoang Lien mountain range and rich nature of Hoang Lien national park as well as charming villages being set amongst perfect nature. Experience the unique culture, custom and way of living of the Hmong, Zao, Tay ethnics. Three nights home stay in remote villages for local life experiences. This is a hard trek tour for customers whose strength and mobile ability is above average plus some trekking practice or experience. The trekking trail is tough at some parts with river and stream crossings. Especially the river and stream crossings on day 2 may cause danger after heavy rain. Contact Lotussia Travel for more details.

Sapa hiking tours: Trek Y Linh Ho Seo Mi Ty Den Thang Ta Trung Ho Nam Ngan Nam Sang Ban Sai My Son Nam Toong Thanh Phu (4 days)


Day 1: Sapa – Y Linh Ho – Seo Mi Ty (L,D)

8.30: You will be met up with Lotussia Travel team at your hotel in Sapa. We head southwards along the paved road for 3 km and then we turn right to a dirt path going gradually downhill to the Muong Hoa River.

Enjoy magnificent view of the Hoang Lien mountain range and Sapa Valley. We cross the river by a suspension bridge, then we continue hiking uphill along narrow village path for nearly 2 hours through Y Linh Ho and onto Lao Hang Chai Village of the Black H’mong. We have the opportunity to explore several small & isolated tribal hamlets along the way.

Lunch will be provided en route.

After lunch, the trail gets narrower & tougher while we trek through thick rain forest of the Hoang Lien nature reserve. We arrive in Seo Mi Ty Village in late afternoon. Have a short walk around the village before checking into a local houser for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Seo Mi Ty – Den Thang – Ta Trung Ho (B,L,D)

After breakfast, we will leave Seo Mi Ty village. We will walk for about 20 minutes on an easy trail. Then the trekking becomes a bit more challenging we we hike up and downhill and through thick rain forest. After two-hour trekking, we arrive Den Thang village is located in a remote valley. Have a short visit of this village then have lunch in a local house.

After lunch, we leave this isolated hamlet. We continue trekking along a narrow stream through the wildest land of Sapa. We trek for about 4 hours before we arrive Ta Trung Ho Village of the Red Zao.

Check into a local house for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Ta Trung Ho - Nam Ngan – Nam Sang – Ban Sai (B,L,D)

After breakfast in the homestay we will Ta Trung Ho village at 08.30 am. We begin the day with a challenging trek along a narrow dirt trail sneaking on steep hill sides. We hike through narrow & sharp canyon from the height of 950 m up to nearly 1,500m for the whole morning.

Lunch will be provided at the top of the mountain in the forest.

After lunch, we continue our hike following the same trail for 1,5 hour. We trek through the forest to Nam Ngan Village of the Red Zao. We have a short walk to explore this quiet and charming village. Then We continue our trek following a larger dirt path. We rek for 1 hour downhill until we arrive in Nam Sang Village of the Xa Pho peoples. The Xa Pho is a sub group of the Phu La ethnic whose population is just about 4,000 in Vietnam and still live a primary way.

We continue walking through Nam Sai Valley. After about 1 or 2 hours trek, we arrive Nam Sai village. We may have time for a short walk before checking into a local house for dinner & overnight.

Day 4: Ban Sai – My Son - Nam Toong – Thanh Phu Bridge – Sapa (B,L)

We leave Ban Sai village at 09.00 am. We walk along the large rocky path for an hour to My Son, a newly formed village of the Xa Pho peoples aftera terrible landslide in 2000.

Then we continue trekking on a long narrow dirt trail to the other side of the valley. After one hour trek, we arrive the Nam Keeng villages. You can still see traces of the many landslides along the way which can help to know more about the very hard life of the local peoples.

We arrive the Nam Toong village of the Red Zao at noon. Lunch break and then we have a short walk around the village to get in touch with local villagers.

We continue trekking for two more hours to Thanh Phu Bridge where will be picked up by our vehicle and transferred back to Sapa. Trip ends.

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