Bac Ha Bike Tour 2 Days from Lao Cai

Bac Ha Bike Tour 2 Days is arranged in Lao Cai province, taking you to Coc Ly and Bac Ha. Begin the tour with an overnight train trip to Laocai. After a night spent on board train, you start you biking adventure cycling from Lao Cai uphill to Coc Ly. Enjoy a boat trip on the Chay river; Visit the Coc Ly market is open only on Tuesday. Then drive uphill to Bac Ha town. The next day you continue biking up and downhill with stops visiting ethnic hamlets; meeting up with the H’mong, the Phu La, the Black Dao and other friendly people. 



You will be met up with your guide at Laocai train station and transferred to a local restaurant for breakfast. After a short rest, you  will  travel  by  car  to Bac Ha.  The  ride  is relatively  flat  from Lao Cai. It will  take you  through  rural area. The  road is  rougher  for  the  last 16 km. You arrive in Coc Ly, where you start a boat cruise downstream Chay River. Along the ride, you can enjoy magnificent sight of the beautiful caves and life on the riverbank. You will have lunch on a beach or later in Trung Do village of Tay minority, where you can stop by a traditional Tay house for a  cup  of  tea. After  lunch,  you  first  cycle  on  the  dirt  trail  through  the  village  and  cross  a narrow stream. Your  ride will be  then  on  a  good  road, which  goes  uphill  toward Bac Ha  town. You  stay overnight in a hotel and have diner in a local restaurant.


After having a morning coffee, you  take a  short walk  to visit  the old castle of  the  former Hmong King. From  there you can have a view over  the  town. You will  then visit this huge market with its colorful array of ethnic minority people such as Flower Hmong, Phu La, Black Dao, Tay, Nung who gather  to buy and sell. After spending  the whole morning exploring  the market, your lunch will be served in a local restaurant. After lunch you will be able to take a nice ride around nearby beautiful Ban Pho village of Flower Hmong and Nung minorities. After visit Ban Pho village your start heading back towards Lao Cai by cycle or by car. The ride will be mostly downhill and flat through rural area, which is home to Phu La, Nung and Tay minorities. Before you arrive in Lao Cai, you will be able to stop by china – Vietnamese border, where the Red River flows into Viet Nam territory. You will have time for shower and dinner before you get on a night train to Ha Noi. Trip ends.

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