Bao Ha Temple

Bao Ha Temple belongs to "The relics of Patriotic God Hoang Bay" and Ms. Tan An Temple in Bao Yen District, Lao Cai city. Bao Ha Temple worships Patriotic God Hoang Bay and was ranked as The National Historical and Cultural Monuments by the State in November 1997.

Bao Ha Temple is about 60km to the south of Lao Cai City, 1km from Bao Yen station, lying near Red River, at the foot of Cam Mountain.

Bao Ha Temple was built at the end of the Le Dynasty (Name of a reign's years Canh Hung), the temple retains much of its original architecture until now, including: three officers’ gate, the temple courtyard, guest house, the court of Son Trang, the court of Dai Bai, the court of Cam, the court II, the court of community with the area and the decoration of different statues. In the main altars of the temple, there are statues: St Tran, King, Tuan Trang Officer, Mr Hoang Bay, Mr Hoang Dong, Bo Phu Officer, Mother II, Mother Thuong Nga, Mother Thuy Tien, Thien Phuc Thien Nhan.

There are many festivals in Bao Ha Temple, in which the major holidays is Thuong Nguyen Festival (a full moon in January), Tuan Tranh Officer Festival (The twenty fifth of May – lunar calendar), Anniversary of Hoang Bay’s Death Festival (the seventeenth of July lunar calendar) Later New Year Festival (Before New Year’s Eve).

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