Bao Thang

Bao Thang is one gateway border district of Lao Cai province. The north borders with Ha Khau district (Van Nam – China) along with border line of 15km; the East and Northeast borders with Bac Ha district and Muong Khuong; the South borders with Bao Yen and Van Ban district; the West borders with Sapa district and the Northwest borders with Lao Cai City

Bao Thang has area of upper 682 km2. its population is 105,19 people, density is 154 people/km2. Whole district has 17 enthic groups living in 264 hamlets, wards in 12 communes and 3 towns.

Bao Thang is one valley staying at riversides of Red river which belongs to ancient land locating in the middle of Lao Cai province. From very early building country, it belonged to Tay Au land of Thu Phan, in the Chinese domination, it was Cam Duong ward of Giao Chi district, in Ly dynastry it belonged to Chau Dang, in the Tran Dynastry, it belonged to Quy Hoa; From Le dynastry to French’s domination (1886), it was Thuy Vi ward, Quy Hoa town, Hung Hoa province. In 1928, Bao Thang ward included 11 communes, Bao Thang name came from bao Thang ward in the beginning decade of 20th century.

Bao Thang’s terrain is narrow valley range running along with the riverside of Red river, in the West, there is low mountain of Phan – Xi – Pang – Pu Luong and the east belongs to upstream range of Chay river. Along with the length of Bao Thang length, there is Red river and railway Lao Cai – Hanoi running through and dividing into two sides: right and left sides in which the right side has many streams that is convenient for traffic. Thus, since very long time, Bao thang is essential outpost gate of the Northwest with the name of “Bao Thang border pass”

Bao Thang has many valuable mineral resources. Apatite mine with great deposit, high content, run tens of kilometers along with the right side of Red River. Apatite here is almostly pure, expanding out, not only valuable resource but also enriches soil, make convenient for planting. Bao Thang also has Cao Lanh mines, mika, white clay mines, etc. for forestry products, there are valuable and rare wood types such as iron wood, special of iron wood, etc. Beside that, there is big deposit of neohouzeaua, strong reed and mixed wood types.

Terrain and resources of Bao Thang are very convenient for economic development following with structure of agriculture – forestry – industry – commerce – service in which particular characters are planting tea, sugar – cane, longan, litchi, commodity and service and trading

Being ancient land, Bao Thang has many ancient cultural relics which are archaeological relics from Old Stone Age with Son Vi culture about one thousand year ago to Hoa Binh, Phung Nguyen culture and Dong Son Civilization while particular one is Nhu stream archaeological sites in Son Ha. Here, we can discover sharpened stone axe, copper axe, copper axe blade, etc. and many different places such as Lu street, Xuan Giao which are considered as proofs for long time residential area of Bao Thang people

Next to archaelogical culture, they are cultural and historical relics and attraction: Ben den  (Gia Phu) – where Gia Phu insurgent army ambushed and shot many French solders, on March 25st1986, when they moved and held bao Thang army; Gia Phu – Xuan Giao – Cam Duong revolutionary base contributed to build force, promoted and organized arm force, typically Cam Duong armed revolution on December 19st, 1986; Phu Lu fortress – the place for violent fighting attacks during 5 days and six nights of particular army (regiment 102) and local army from February 8th1950 -  February 13th1950 openning Le Hong Phong campaign at stage I; Tien cave is very famous and beautiful in Xuan quang commune with many fantasic landscapes.

Similar to many other district’s capitals, Bao Thang’s ethnic groups still keeps many special folk festivals such as importing festival of Dao Ho people in Mu stream, festival of expelling evil spirits and welcome spring of Xa Pho people in An Thanh village (Gia Phu), festival of taking to planting rice of tay ethnic groups with singing activities in spring night.

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