Co Temple

Situated in Tan An Hamlet 2, Tan An Commune, Van Ban District, Co Temple is place to worship Princess of the Forest, the folk used to call her as the Mother of the Forest. In the broad masses of the people, she is called The Queen of the Mountain Farm and in she is supposed as the god to give boundless property to human living in the forest and border gate; which is also called the symbol of eternal life.

The Queen of the Forest is the reincarnation of the God of Mother who looked after the mountains and forests, the main habitat of many minorities. Every year, the main festival of the Temple is held on January 17th. The rites were conducted solemnly and fully. People and pilgrims come here to praying for a year of happiness, and peaceful and prosperous country.

Co Temple is a convergence of North-West religious beliefs; which is the houses of positive traditional education, and is consider as an inevitable achievement of cultural patriotism, and the " drink water, remember origin” tradition of our peoples. Moreover, Co Temple also have a meaning of deep sense of spiritual and ethnic pride, which enhances the solidarity of peoples in the region, and positively contributes to strengthening the national unity of Vietnam ethnic families.

Co Temple is a cultural heritage which has a great meaning to our nation which reminds us of a glorious past of the development of the Nation’s border area.

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