Doi Co Temple and Cam Lo Pagoda

Doi Co Temple and Cam Lo Pagoda were located in Chieng On halmet, Cam Duong ward, which now belongs to Binh Minh ward, Lao Cai City. There is a blue and clear stream leaning against a large mound ahead.

Doi Co Temple has remained hundreds of years from now, experienced the ups and downs of history and the changes of war, the temple has still remained and built increasingly spacious. Doi Co Temple worships two kind-hearted young girls who always bless everyone living in a prosperous and peaceful life.

Doi Co Temple has some major festivals such as Thuong Nguyen Festival Festivals which is held on the tenth of January (lunar calendar) every year. The Festival in the beginning of summer is held on the tenth of April (lunar calendar). The Festival in the ending of summer is held on the tenth of July (lunar calendar). The main festival of Doi Co Temple is held on the thirteenth of September (lunar calendar).

Cam Lo Pagoda is adjacent to Doi Co Temple, which was built nearly 200 years ago. The biggest festival of Cam Lo Pagoda is held on the twelfth of April with a large-scale which has the sense of commemorating the birth of Buddha.

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