Ham Rong Dragon Jaw Mountain

Ham Rong Dragon Jaw Mountain is situated in the center of Sapa town, near Sapa church and Sapa market. The trail leading up to the Cloud Yard (San May) is beautiful with various kinds of flowers and trees. You will surely be impressed by the orchid gardens, the numerous caves and stones shaped strangely. From the Cloud Yard, tourists can enjoy the panorama view of Sapa town with clouds covering above.

Ham Rong Mountain is attached with a legend. It goes that, when hearing the order of the Jade of Emperor that every species of animals have to find themselves another place to reside, the three dragons brother had to leave for other places. They decided to move east but there is no space left, then they move west. The two elder dragons moved faster and reach the destination first while the youngest one was still on the way. He strayed into the crowds of lions, tigers and big cats. Fearing that these animals would attack it, the dragon opened its mouth to defense itself. At that time, the order of Jade Emperor was no longer available, so the three dragons petrified. The two older dragons, which were waiting for their brother, face Lao Cai Town, and the youngest one raising its head and opening mouth faces the Hoang Lien Mountain Range. That’s why the mountain is named Ham Rong (Jaw of Dragon).

Today, you can observe the Mountain, which has become the highlight of Sapa, from almost any place in town.

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