Hang Pho Temple

Hang Pho Temple is located in the center of Sapa town, group 8, Phan Si Pang Street. The temple is located on the tourist route to the H'mong village of Cat Cat, about 50m to the central market of Sa Pa town.

Hang Pho Temple has a beautiful ancient and majestic location as "Rivers in the front and mountains in the back". In front of the temple, there is Muong Hoa valley, behind there is a stone mountain, which gives the temple a solid and ancient location.

Every year, Hang Pho Temple organizes the main holidays on the twentieth of August (lunar calendar). This is the main festival of St Tran. The worship is solemn held according to the standard of the ancient palace rituals - "The Court of Worship", which has attracted pilgrims from everywhere to visit and pray to St Tran for blessing themselves, family and loved ones with a peaceful and prosperous year . On the feast day, officials dress in large silk clothes with hats, do the task "Wine offering" and " play the flute ", an octet playing in the methodical rituals - drum beating, flat opening create the solemn and jubilant scene of the festival ... All tend their hearts to memorize the death's soul of the national hero, pray to " Him " for lucky things to all peoples, wish people to live in thriving life and a robust country, children are blessed eternal peace.

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