Lao Cai City

Lao Cai City stays along with the south at the confuence of Red river and Nam Thi river. In the final stage of forming mountain, the earth’s crust twists itself, and faults then forms the valley of Red river (in Lao Cai). Lao Cai City before Christ had been an important center of economy – politics – culture at the riverside of Coi River (Red river)

In the self – control feudal time, rightly at the river confuence, one crowded ancient urban was formed and called as “Bao Thang Quan”. This is a border pass which had stronghold, protecting military post. On the right bank of Red river, opposite to Ha Khau is “Lao Nhai” – that means ancient town. On the left bank of Red river is a flat valley with planting many Gao trees, flower usually blooms and impresses, thus it is called as “ Coc Leu’ (Goc Gao)

Lao Cai City has natural area of 230km2, 17 administrative units (12 Wards, 5 communes), it’s population is more 10 thousand people, the population density is 460 people/km2. Lao Cai City is only one in whole nation staying closely the border line, at the confuence of Red river and Nam Thi river, becomes a center of provincial traffic clues. p From Lao Cai City, road lines are directed to districts. OnMarch 28th, 1898 Ho Kieu Bridge was built to provide convenient conditions to connect China’s border gates to Lao Cai. Lao Cai station was opened for public use on February 1st, 1906 and linked Con Minh to Hanoi – Hai Phong. Currently, each day has thousands of people walking through Ho Kieu II Road Bridge which has been opened for public use at the end of 2000.

Consequently, economic zone at the border gate plays motive force role, promote Lao Cai’s economy to develop. Lao Cai really is economic center of whole province

With the position staying on the border line, has priority investment and maitain relics, Lao Cai City is becoming large_scale tourism place, each year hundred thousands of Chinese tourists and countries coming to visit. Relics, temples and pagodas which attract tourists everywhere, are Mau temple worshipping Thuong Ngan Lord with Dao Mau Gods; Thuong temple workships Grand Duke – Tran Hung Dao – One farmous General won in fighting Nguyen Mong enemy, in 1257 He commanded Dai Viet military to defend in Lao Cai. This temple is located in Hoa Hieu hill.

On the hill top, behind the harem, there are Phuong Dinh house with 8 gradons in Tran Dynasty attending around. Outstanding in the center of Phuong Dinh House is stone stele carved about the legend of Tran buddlha temple: “the temple was built in Le dynasty at Chi Hoa (1680-1705)…. The old temple still stays in profoundness and solemn on the Mai Linh hilltop, looking down Nam Thi river looping, etc

Lao Cai also has ancient citadel and fortress. Lao Cai ancient Citadel was built in long time ago, the history could not record any more. In 1872, after driving off Co Vang enemy out of Lao Cai, after many time being destroyed by the War, now the trace of ancient citadel still remain one long section running from behind of Mau temple along to Red river. The citadel was covered by soil mixed with gravel and molasses, its height is more 2m, and there are many loop-holes, guard towers. This ancient citadel was commenced by French, Japanese extended it with underground tunnel system staying deeply in the mountain, and many entangled caves contain many secrets undiscovered.

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