Lao Cai Mother Goddess Temple

Lao Cai Mother Goddess Temple is located in the complex of historic relics, spiritual culture in Lao Cai city, Mother Temple worships the Princess Lieu Hanh (called God of Mother Lieu Hanh in according to the faith). The Temple was ranked as The National Historic Monument by the State in 2011. 

Mother Temple was built in the 18th century (about 300 years ago), located in the site of the national border checkpoint, on the trade road of Vietnam - China. Mother Temple was awarded the honor 3 times by the feudal dynasties of Vietnam (at present the honors are still stored). The main festival of God of Mother Lieu Hanh is held on the third of March lunar every year.

The Temple was built with 9 main spacious tabernacles including: the tabernacle of Three God of Mothers; Council altar; Mr. Tran Trieu ; King of Heaven and the side altars - Ta Vu – Huu Vu worships De Nhi Son Trang, Hoang Bay Lords, Hoang Muoi Lords, the big lord of Temple and Son Trang cavern.

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